Army Officer’s Dagger by WKC


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This late production Army Officer’s Dagger has gray metal fittings. The mounts are classic WKC. The pommel is in excellent condition, showing little to no wear throughout. The ferrule finish matches perfectly. The crossguard is a textbook WKC, with the tomahawk eagle. The open wings of the bird, breast feathers, and swastika all remain crisp. The grip is an attractive orange-yellow example in excellent condition. The scabbard also has an 100% intact matching gray finish, with crisp pebbled panels. The bands have fine overlapping oak leaves and acorns. The thick throat is retained by a single screw on the right side. The blade is a beauty, being bright with the majority of the crossgrain and a needle-like tip showing some minor in and out lines. The reverse is marked with the Knight Head trademark of the WKC firm and the original large brown leather blade buffer is in place. A good late production Army Dagger here, perfect for the “type’ collector.  LH4112