Army Paratrooper Badge by C.E. Junker


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Army Paratrooper Badge by C.E. Junker. Excellent zinc-based example with all of the finish. This pattern was also worn by the Waffen-SS. Recent vet estate purchase by me. Excellent and rare.

The Army Paratrooper Badge was officially instituted on September 1, 1937 and prior to that time, German Army personnel had been awarded the Luftwaffe version of this badge. The German Army had few paratroopers and hence the number of badges made was very small. At the time of the badge’s first issue in 1937, just over 170 men were decorated with this award. In 1939, the German Army’s airborne troops were transferred to the Luftwaffe, and the badge was discontinued. In April, 1943, a new German Army parachutist unit was organized, and on June 1, 1943, the Heer Paratrooper Badge was re-instituted. These 1943 pattern badges were also struck by C. E. Juncker -the same maker of the initial badges, using the same dies utilized for previous production. Photographs exist of Waffen-SS paratroopers wearing this badge as well. LH8076 OHG