Ernst Moritz Arndt Pioneer of German Nationalism Pennant


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Ernst Moritz Arndt Pioneer of German Nationalism Pennant.

Ernst Moritz Arndt (26 December 1769 – 29 January 1860) was a German nationalist, historian, writer, and poet. Early in his life, he fought for the abolition of serfdom, later against Napoleonic dominance over Germany. Arndt had to flee to Sweden for some time due to his anti-French positions. He is one of the main founders of German nationalism and the 19th century movement for German unification. Arndt played an important role for the early German national movement and the unification movement, and his song “Was ist des Deutschen Vaterland?” acted as an unofficial German national anthem. Long after his death, his anti-French propaganda was used again, in both World Wars. He was strongly antisemitic and anti-Polish.

Double sided, shows wear, Imperial Era, Ernst-Moritz Arndt-Jugend – Diez Freiendiez on one side with a Guard Star on the other, aprox 19 by 26 inches. Finely made.