Italian Fascist WW2 Era MVSN Dagger


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Italian Fascist WW2 Era MVSN Dagger.  This weapon was utilized both as a service and dress weapon.  The hilt has a solid wooden grip contoured with 4 finger recesses.  Two steel rivets protrude through the grip to the blade tang to secure the blade into place.  The crossguard is steel as is the upper retaining plate on the top of the grip.  The scabbard was repainted at one time.  The scabbard is pressed steel bearing the emblem of the MVSN which is a fasces over the letters “M.V.S.N.”  which was the Fascist Party Militia in Italy at that time (Milizia Voluntaria Sicurezza Nationale).  The dagger does not fully go into the scabbard but this does seem to be the correct scabbard for the piece as when layed on the scabbard it appears that is should fit.  One of the upper scabbard brass fittings missing.   LH3652