Kriegsmarine Second Pattern E-Boat Badge by “R.S.”


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Kriegsmarine Second Pattern E-Boat Badge by “R.S.”. Excellent zinc-based example made by Rudolf Souval of Vienna.

The E-Boat Badge or S-Boat Badge (Schnellbootkriegsabzeichen – Fast Boat War Badge) was instituted on May 30, 1941, by Grand Admiral Erich Raeder to recognize the achievements and experience of the crews of the S-Boats, who by that stage of the war had already sunk many British warships and merchant vessels. To earn the badge, the recipient had to display exceptional leadership, participate in at least 12 combat missions, or participate in an exceptionally successful mission. The S-Boat Badge could also be awarded to sailors who had earned another decoration on a mission. It was also posthumously awarded to sailors killed in action. This is the second version of the badge which came out in 1943 being a larger version than the first type. LH9222