Luftwaffe Flight Visor From Fliegergruppe Barth – Flight Group Barth


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Luftwaffe Flight Visor From Fliegergruppe Barth – Flight Group Barth. Good looking Luftwaffe Flak Other Ranks Visor Cap. When we obtained this the visor was loose but we had it re-sewn and it displays well. This is nicely marked to the Luftwaffe Air Group Barth. See a history of the base below. The yellow piping indicates this cap was worn by a flier. This cap was made by the prestigious firm of Clemens & Wagner.

In the years 1935 – 1938, the Barth Air Base was built on the area of ​​the municipality of Barth on an area of ​​1,600 mx 1,075 m. At the northwest edge of the place a fuel storage was built. In addition, 6 medium-sized and 1 large aircraft hangars and two large shipyards were built. Already on 1 April 1936, the III. / Kampfgeschwader 152 was built, which was relocated shortly afterwards to Barth. On 1 June 1936, the air base was solemnly put into service. On March 25, 1937, the III. / Kampfgeschwader 153 relocated to Schwerin. On November 1, 1938, the 1st and 4th / Lehrgeschwader 1 were set up in Barth. In preparation for the Polish campaign, the 1st Group of Lehrgeschwaders 1 was relocated to Königsberg on August 12, 1939.The IV. / Lehrgeschwader 1 was relocated to Stolp-Reitz on August 25, 1939. At the beginning of the war, the airfield command of the Airborne Command Command Line A (o) 10 / III was relocated to the Horst to guide the operation on the air base. Already on 19 September 1939 the I. (Destroyer) / Lehrgeschwader 1 returned to Barth. She moved on September 22, 1939 further west. On September 29, 1939, the IV. (Stuka) / Lehrgeschwader 1 returned to Barth and moved in February 1940 to Kirchhellen relocated. In Barth then various combat squadrons were converted to the new Ju88. These were: II. / Kampfgeschwader 30, III. / Kampfgeschwader 4, II. / Kampfgeschwader 51, I. / Kampfgeschwader 54 and III. / Kampfgeschwader 30. On March 1, 1940, the supplementary combat group 5 with staff, 1st and 2nd season was set up in Barth. On October 15, 1940, a 3rd season was set up. The supplementary combat group 5 was dissolved on 31 May 1941. The conversion of the combat squadron was completed until June 9, 1940. Then it was quiet for the time being on the eyrie. Only in October 1940, the staff and the 3rd / Coast Fliegergruppe 106 were relocated to the Horst to also convert to the Ju 88 A. In April 1941, the 1st / Coast Fliegergruppe followed 106th From 10 to 15 November 1941 was the teaching of the I. / Kampfgeschwader 27 for retraining in Barth.
From January 1941, the pilot school C 17 of the air base Barth used until the end of school operations in July 1944, the place as a workplace. From April 1, 1941, the 12th / Kampfgeschwader 54 was set up in Barth. On 1 June 1941, the squadron relocated to Lagerlechfeld.
In 1942, a 1,200 m long runway was built in the south of the runway. In addition, hangars were erected on the northern edge of the runway for the production of aircraft parts. Five or six barracks blocks in the barracks area were fenced with barbed wire and about 6,000 concentration camp inmates had here manufacture aircraft parts.
On May 1, 1943 Barth then III. 7 Lehrgeschwader 1 refreshed after their deployment in Russia. In July 1943, the II. / Kampfgeschwader 77 also moved to the square to be refreshed as well. At the end of 1944 it was empty in the square. Only the aircraft production was still in place. In January 1945, the remaining command of the pilot school B 4 from Sprottau came to Barth, to move in the same month to Hagenow. From 22 January to 4 February 1945 parts of the pilot school B 5 were on the square. In March 1945, the remnants of the 6th / Jagdgeschwader 103 came to Barth, until the squadron was dissolved at the end of March 1945. On April 28, 945 came the III. / Battle Squadron 1 on the field to be used against the Red Army. On April 12, 1945, parts of II. / Lehrgeschwader 1 moved to the square. On May 1, 1945, the air base was finally cleared by the Luftwaffe. On May 2, 1945, the Red Army entered the square. LH8974 OHB