Reich Chancellery (Reichskanzlei) Serving Platter


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Reich Chancellery (Reichskanzlei) Serving Platter. This is a serving platter that measures 19 inches long by 14 3/4 inches across. It was produced by the Wellner firm of Sachsen, the preferred manufacturer of Hitler dining pieces. It has an impressive eagle on the obverse, with the initials “RK” on either side for “Reichskanzlei”. It is marked “Wellner 60”, the 60 indicates the silver-plate thickness. This one has some staining to the silver but is in otherwise decent shape and I would think the staining could clean up with polish. I have seen these at up to 2500 dollars but I got into this one right so you can have it for a good price. An impressive item!

The Reichs Chancellory in Berlin is a famous building as it is here where Hitler committed suicide and also where he made his last stance against the advancing Russian forces, as well as executing the final planning stages of the defense of the crumbling German Reich. He lived in an underground bunker at this building, which was used as his office and residence and military command center. LH4678 OHB