SS Officer’s Belt Buckle by “RZM SS OLC 36/42”


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SS Officer’s Belt Buckle by “RZM SS OLC 36/42”. Good looking SS Officer’s belt buckle made by Overhoff & Cie, Lüdenscheid in 1942. This piece was made of fine quality zinc and then painted in a matte silver finish. It is interesting to note that the zinc keepers of these buckles had a habit of bending due to the stress of combat wear and we can see that on this example and you will even see examples on other buckles by other makers completely gone or replaced as the keepers simply snapped off. The keeper on this one has bent and cracked at the stress points but it is structurally sound for display but not recommended for wearing into battle if you are planning to relive history. This a fantastic piece of Waffen-SS and world history. LH8969