SS Officer’s Degen PMD – Paul Müller Dachau


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SS Officer’s Degen PMD – Paul Müller Dachau. Nice example with ebony wood grip, stainless steel blade, as these were, stainless guard, plated steel pommel fitting, upper scabbard fitting without burnishing, correct scabbard and lower fitting. Shows light era use, the blade is a perfect match to the scabbard with what appear to be wood runners. The scabbard is 34 1/2 inches and the blade is 34 inches long. One dent at the bottom of the scabbard that is not too detractive, the leather washer has been lost to time. I just priced one at double. Marked correctly with the PMD ROSTFREI logo on the blade. Paul Müller had set up a school and small factory at Dachau to train apprentices to produced edged weapons for the SS. A nice sword. Overall length 39 1/2 inches. (PJ) LH9198