SS Patrol Service Cuff Title – Bad Segelberg


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SS Patrol Service Cuff Title – Bad Segelberg. 5.5 cm wide by 48cm long, “Der Standortführer Bad Segelberg” – The Garrison Leader Bad Segelberg Cuff Title, excellent piece, early cuff-title circa 1933- 1935.

The Standortführer, (Garrison Leader’s), cufftitle was utilized by SS, Schutz Staffel and SA, Sturm Abteilung personnel assigned as auxiliary police men, within predetermined patrol locations. The Standortführer cufftitle underwent a few modifications, originally being produced as a 11 cm wide, yellow brassard with black text, “Standortführer Streifendienst”, (Garrison Leader Patrol Service), which was replaced with a 6 cm wide, black brassard with silver script, “Standortführer”, with location and finally a 3 cm wide, black brassards with silver script, “Standortführer”, with location. (9109by) LH9591