SS-VT Skull Cap Button by “RZM SS 1194/39” – Green


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SS-VT Skull Cap Button by “RZM SS 1194/39” – Green. Painted green factory finish, this piece was made in multi-pieces and has a magnetic concave reverse and is in excellent condition with minor wear. It is not often you find authentic marked examples such as this that are not ground dug. Rare. 20.60 mm diameter. This is what an original looks like. 1194 is the SS contract number and 39 is the year – 1939.

SS-Verfügungstruppe (SS-VT or in English SS Dispositional Troops) were formed in 1934 as combat troops for the Nazi Party (NSDAP). On 17 August 1938 Adolf Hitler decreed that the SS-VT was neither a part of the police nor the German Wehrmacht, but military-trained men at the disposal of the Führer. At the time of war, the SS-VT were to be placed at the disposal of the army. The SS-VT were involved in the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. By 1940 these military SS units had become the nucleus of the Waffen-SS. LH8564