SS-VT Skull Cap Button by “RZM SS 1194/39”


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SS-VT Skull Cap Button by “RZM SS 1194/39”. Painted finish, this piece was made in multi-pieces and has a magnetic concave reverse and is in excellent condition. It is not often you find authentic marked examples such as this that are not ground dug. There seem to be a number of un-marked green examples that were found un-issued on cards floating around. Rare. 20.61 mm diameter. This is what an original looks like. 1194 is the SS contract number and 39 is the year – 1939.

SS-Verfügungstruppe (SS-VT or in English SS Dispositional Troops) were formed in 1934 as combat troops for the Nazi Party (NSDAP). On 17 August 1938 Adolf Hitler decreed that the SS-VT was neither a part of the police nor the German Wehrmacht, but military-trained men at the disposal of the Führer. At the time of war, the SS-VT were to be placed at the disposal of the army. The SS-VT were involved in the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. By 1940 these military SS units had become the nucleus of the Waffen-SS. LH5625