State Criminal Police (Staatliche Kriminalpolizei) KRIPO ID Disc


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State Criminal Police (Staatliche Kriminalpolizei) KRIPO ID Disc. These quality discs (State Criminal Police) were always struck in bronze. These discs came out in 1937 on order of Himmler and were carried by state criminal police (Kripo) while on duty having the number of the officer stamped onto the back of the disc. The same number would be found on the ID card of the officer. All German police warrant discs were normally carried on a chain, which was not covered by the regulations. It was the officers choice. These discs where the last things that you wanted to see if you lived during the Third Reich Era. This disc has all of the markers that I look for on original discs and I will gladly provide a COA at no charge upon request. 37.2 by 51 mm, 29.48 grams. LH8005